LinkedIn & Your Privacy – Seriously?!?

So I just saw a tweet from Avinash Kaushik about three settings you will want to change in LinkedIn to keep your profile information from being shared with third party sites. I am pretty big on privacy and controlling access to my various online profiles, so I was surprised to read about this and took […]

The Role of Facebook in Our Lives – Are You Ready to Buy?

How do you feel about making purchases directly through Facebook? Are you concerned about the privacy and security of these transactions? If you are, you’re not alone. According to a survey conducted from May 20 – June 1 of this year by NY advertising agency JWT, people of all generations are concerned about the safety […]

Are you annoying your customers?

With technology advancing at what often feels like warp speed, it is easy to forget that on the other side of any type of communication is still a human being. We have so many opportunities to instantly express our thoughts and opinions and so many outlets to post to, I think we may have lost […]

Facebook's New Sponsored Stories

Facebook is in the news again this week with the announcement of its new “Sponsored Stories” ad product. This on the heels of the rollout and subsequent rollback of granting applications access to users’ home addresses and cell phone numbers. So, what is this latest “feature” and how might it impact you and your Facebook […]

Facebook Suspends Apps Access to Your Address & Phone Number

It is getting a little tedious writing about Facebook and its seemingly continual issues with protecting user data. The latest privacy issue to arise with Facebook is the news that the social networking giant this week, began allowing applications to have access to your physical address and your cell phone number. Just take a moment […]