The Truth According to Google

Have you Googled yourself or your organization lately? If you haven’t, you definitely should. Being aware of what’s out there is the first line of defense in the rapidly expanding world of online reputation management. First, the good news… You probably won’t find anything that is particularly problematic. But, the full list of just what […]

Google Places – How the Results Have Changed

If you pay close attention to Google – and most people probably don’t like I do – you may have noticed some changes in the way Google displays search results. What, if anything does this mean? It means different things to different users. The implications for businesses are potentially significant…

Dealing with Google Places (Maps) Business Listings

Google Maps are great right? In seconds you get local options for whatever you’re searching for… great for consumers, potentially nightmarish for businesses. Do you know what your listing says or your reviews? It’s time to get a grip on your online reputation and manage it before it is too late!