LinkedIn & Your Privacy – Seriously?!?

So I just saw a tweet from Avinash Kaushik about three settings you will want to change in LinkedIn to keep your profile information from being shared with third party sites. I am pretty big on privacy and controlling access to my various online profiles, so I was surprised to read about this and took […]

Are you annoying your customers?

With technology advancing at what often feels like warp speed, it is easy to forget that on the other side of any type of communication is still a human being. We have so many opportunities to instantly express our thoughts and opinions and so many outlets to post to, I think we may have lost […]

Can Social Media Generate Leads?

Google Social Media + Lead Generation and you’ll find a wide variety of opinions on this topic. I’d like to suggest that can social media generate leads, is not even the best question to ask. A better question is how can we use social media to best support our business/organization and our customers?

Getting Started with Social Media

So unless you’ve been living under a rock or in outer Mongolia for the past couple of years, you’ve probably found yourself wondering what the heck you should be doing to take part in this brave new world of social media to advance your career or business…

Why "Cheap" Can Cost You, Big Time

Everyone, it seems, it looking to do more with less – on the web and in business in general. And while we can certainly relate to that sentiment, taken too far, it can have the exact opposite effect.