Does Privacy Matter Anymore In PPC?

HubSpot Graphic - Why People Install Ad Blockers

Google changed their policy regarding personally identifiable information being used for advertising targeting back in June, as reported on MarketingLand. It got some coverage and the topic has been raised again by a post from ProPublica sounding the … [Continue reading]

The Power Of Negative Keywords In Getting Details Right

Over Tub Tray Initial Search

I've been doing a fair amount of online shopping for things lately. I tweeted over the weekend that I sometimes get distracted from my quest when the ads or shopping listings are crying out for better use of negative terms. Online shopping should be … [Continue reading]

Ad Blockers Will Now Be Selling “Acceptable Ads”

Two posts in one week - but I just have to write about this one! AdBlock Plus, a very popular ad blocking technology has just announced that it is going to start selling what it is calling "acceptable ads" that will not be blocked by their … [Continue reading]

This Is Why It Is SO Hard To Compete With Amazon

Not Amazon Portfolio Listing

I really feel for online retailers that are not behemoths. I know margins are generally quite small and competition is fierce. And Amazon has an unbelievable advantage in the space. I am keenly aware of all of this, and when I can I do like to … [Continue reading]

WTF Is Happening To The AdWords Keyword Tool?

AdWords Keyword Planner Tool Announcement

So this happened - this was posted on the official AdWords Community site Friday (post can be found here):   Let's take this one glorious piece at a time... (and sorry to CassieH - this is not directed to you specifically, but rather … [Continue reading]