How Much Automation Is Too Much In AdWords?

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I think this is a fascinating topic. As PPC pros, we have a very distinct view of ecosystems like AdWords and definitely preferences on how much control we want over our accounts (spoiler alert - we want TOTAL control of every aspect!). I was part … [Continue reading]

The Continued Demotion Of Keywords In Search

As we launch headlong into the new year, I've been thinking a lot about where search in general, and paid search specifically is headed. People have been saying for a couple of years now that keywords are becoming less and less important as a focus … [Continue reading]

Beacons Don’t Work & Other Stupid Conclusions

I was reading an article recently entitled "Beacons Are Dead" which was, as you might expect from the title, declaring that the relatively new technology of retail beacons was already dead. The premise of the piece is that beacons would be great "if … [Continue reading]

AdWords Ignores B2B AGAIN

AdWords Drive Action Options

I will be so thrilled when I never have to write a piece like this again... however, today is apparently, not that day. Google AdWords launched a brandy new web site section aimed at helping businesses see a clearer line from their business goals … [Continue reading]

Does Privacy Matter Anymore In PPC?

HubSpot Graphic - Why People Install Ad Blockers

Google changed their policy regarding personally identifiable information being used for advertising targeting back in June, as reported on MarketingLand. It got some coverage and the topic has been raised again by a post from ProPublica sounding the … [Continue reading]