Spring Cleaning for Your Web Site Strategy

Spring always seems to inspire the urge to purge – at least it does at my house! Why not use the spring as a time to take a critical look at your web presence and strategy? This makes sense this year, even more so than years past, as many of our target markets have undergone significant changes.

Choosing a Great SEO or Web Consultant

Working on the web is an interesting journey. You never have the same day twice. It’s part of what I like most! There are as many ideas about SEO and Web Design as there are humans on the planet. So how do you make sure you’re in sync with your provider?

Converting Web Site Visitors Into Customers

Conversion – it’s been a buzzword in SEO and SEM for the past few years, but with the sluggish economy, it seems to have taken on new vigor lately. It is, in many ways, the holy grail of web site creation and internet marketing.

If You Must… Creating a Quality RFP

While on the whole, I do not recommend using RFPs to find web site vendors, here are a few tips on how to create an RFP that consultants will be glad to respond to…

Busting RFP Myths

RFPs are making a comeback. Like bad 80s fashion, they’re everywhere. It’s an understandable phenomenon – times are tough and budgets are tight. Using an RFP and getting multiple quotes must be the best way to get the best deal, right?!?