Google Tag Manager – Friend or Foe?

Google Tag Manager, in theory, is a pretty awesome thing. It solves several issues that can be incredibly frustrating to teams working on web sites and/or marketing activities related to web sites – primarily being able to add tracking code to web pages without having to actually touch the pages. Wow. It is marketed as […]

Don’t Ignore Your Web Site

Imagine the panic that ensues when you or your client gets an alert from the web hosting company that their site has been hacked… trust me, it is not pretty. Unfortunately, this kind of issue is on the rise and the chances of becoming a victim could be greater than you might think. And even […]

It’s Not Me, It’s You – Why Are So Many Tablet Experiences So Awful?

I tweeted last week that I’m genuinely surprised at how poor of a tablet experience many sites still have. I’m not talking small sites either, which would be more understandable. No, I’m talking major web sites where the experience of viewing their site or God forbid trying to make a purchase on their site is anywhere […]

The Importance Of Designing For The End Result

Landing pages have always fascinated me. Coming originally from the world of design, their visual aesthetic, form and function have always been difficult competing priorities to balance. Fundamentally, everyone wants a site and pages that look great. But, as I have said a thousand times – a gorgeous site that does not do its job […]

Stop Trying To Turn Your Web Site Into Twitter

The web does not need to be homogeneous. Usability is important and making sure your site is meeting visitor expectations is critical, but I think we are losing our ability to create sites that are appropriate for OUR audiences. Case in point – the redesign of the Slate web site. Haven’t seen it yet? Here’s a look at the new home page layout…