2103 Was A Seriously Crazy Year!

Time always seems like it goes faster every year, but this past year was so jam-packed, when I look back, I am happy and grateful to still be here and thriving in business! In a year with significant personal changes for me – getting back to full time working after having a baby – would […]

Don’t Drop the Ball With Your Customers!

I have had a couple of personal experiences over the past few weeks that have really gotten me thinking about user/customer expectations for responses – whether to an email inquiry or a Tweet. With clients constantly working on getting these things right, it seemed worth writing about what I’ve experienced and the lessons I’ll be […]

Are There Any Original Ideas Left?

It is frustrating enough to feel like there are no original creative ideas left – just look at the major movies and many TV shows that have been produced in the past 5 years. Many movies are based on comic books, television shows or worse, board games. TV seems to be in a mode where […]

SERPs Based on Facebook Likes & Such – No Thanks!

Shareability is a big term being thrown around lately as one of the more important factors or signals for search engine visibility. Not only do you need to be creating great content all the time, you must also make sure that your content is uniquely shareable in order to gain or maintain positive search engine […]

Asking for Permission Still Matters in a Social World!

Been off the grid for a while and it’s good to be back! Today’s topic – why it still matters to ask permission when contacting customers or prospects. With social media and smartphones, we are seldom away from communication, which is great when you want it and annoying when you don’t. Case in point – […]