2103 Was A Seriously Crazy Year!

Time always seems like it goes faster every year, but this past year was so jam-packed, when I look back, I am happy and grateful to still be here and thriving in business! In a year with significant personal changes for me – getting back to full time working after having a baby – would […]

How Many “Authorities” Can There Really Be?

I’ve know been a little ranty lately, but these things just confound me. That and I have a teething baby, who has been keeping me up at night… Being tuned in to what’s happening in the general search space, I have been reading a lot in this past year about content marketing and markup and […]

Not Just an SEO Problem – (Not Provided) Will Impact PPC

So, I guess I picked a bad time to be largely off of Twitter and buried in work last week! I’ve been catching up on the news and reaction from last week’s Google announcement that all search is now encrypted. Alas, the day SEOs have been dreading is finally here – (not provided) will now […]

It’s Google’s World, We’re Just Livin’ in It

Anyone who works in a web-related field knows this is truth – any given day can be completely ruined by an announcement from Google about an update or policy change. After reading Melissa Mackey’s post this morning “Google Has Become Yahoo” (great read!) I got to thinking about just how massive of a force Google […]

Is SEO Dead? No, But It Might Be MIA

Search is getting more personalized every day. From seeing different results when logged in to Google vs. not logged in, to Google making assumptions about your intention from your physical location, to your social connections and browsing history – what you see when you enter a query into a search engine has never been more […]