So This Needs To Be Said About Peeple App

Well Google, looks like you get a week off – enjoy! This is not a typical post topic type for me, but I just felt like I had to write this post. Melissa Mackey did a great live and unfiltered Periscope on the Peeple app and I’ve been tweeting with people about this since the big announcement […]

Is Your Reputation Killing Your PPC ROI?

We’re all influenced by online reviews. Recent studies have even shown that many people give as much weight to online reviews as they do to personal recommendations from friends and family! There is even an entire discipline built around online reputation management. What I wanted to talk about today is the highly critical intersection of […]

Why Yelp is Like “Mean Girls”

I’m not going to sugarcoat this – Yelp drives me insane. Not just me as a person, but me as a trusted advisor to businesses whose reputations are devastated via Yelp. We’ve all heard the accusations. If you advertise with Yelp your positive reviews will get filtered less. Oh, how I wish that were actually […]

Yahoo Local Is A Disaster & They Just Don’t Care

Well Google, looks like you’ve got the week off! Today I’m all fired up about the hot mess that is Yahoo Local Listings. Why am I so annoyed, you’re wondering? Well, let me tell you a story… As you may know if you’ve read my other posts, we work with clients in a variety of internet […]

Don’t Drop the Ball With Your Customers!

I have had a couple of personal experiences over the past few weeks that have really gotten me thinking about user/customer expectations for responses – whether to an email inquiry or a Tweet. With clients constantly working on getting these things right, it seemed worth writing about what I’ve experienced and the lessons I’ll be […]