Getting Lead Generation Right

I do a lot of work with “lead gen” (lead generation for the uninitiated) clients. Lead generation is really its own discipline. In this space, a conversion is not a sales transaction and therefore is more the end of one process and the beginning of a potentially lengthy next process before a prospect becomes a […]

Branded PPC – Remember Why They’re Searching For You

Yesterday there was a Twitter exchange talking about these ads for the branded search term “Angie’s List”: The context of the conversation was highlighting HomeAdvisor’s clever ad for a search on a direct competitor’s branded term. I completely agree that their ad is clever and a smart use of advertising dollars. It’s not a bad […]

Don’t Screw Your Current Customers In Search of New Ones

The old adage that your best customers are your current customers is so true! In these days when we talk about cost of acquisition and cost per lead – your existing customers represent a whole giant set of $0 CPA and CPL people. Pure gold, right? So why, oh why, do so many companies routinely […]

The Future of Paid Search

One thing we know for sure about working in any internet related discipline is that nothing is more constant than change. Just as you get used to new policies and procedures, they are changed. Right when you finally wrestle a user interface into submission, it gets an “upgrade”. As paid search professionals, we know that […]

Breaking Down The “Too Good to Be True” Offer – PPC Edition

Has this happened to you – you get a call from a client saying that they are (or are considering if you’re lucky) switching to another company for their internet marketing needs because they just received the most amazing, you’d-be-crazy-to-pass-it-up kind of offer? Perhaps you are a business who has received a solicitation with one of […]