This Is Why People Hate Google

I need to rant, get it out, share my pain… We work with a number of businesses with a distinctly local focus or service area. We perform various kinds of internet marketing services for them, but one of the easiest things to do when working with a new client it to make sure their Google […]

2103 Was A Seriously Crazy Year!

Time always seems like it goes faster every year, but this past year was so jam-packed, when I look back, I am happy and grateful to still be here and thriving in business! In a year with significant personal changes for me – getting back to full time working after having a baby – would […]

Why Are Local Listings So Poorly Supported?

We work with a lot of clients on their SEO and SEM projects.  While each one is different, and some have more of a local focus than others, they are all concerned about making sure their online presence is as clean and consistent as possible. For the entities that they control, this process generally involves […]

My Review Was TOO Positive?!?

So, obviously I know the importance of positive reviews on the web – especially for businesses that are consumer driven. I work with a number of clients to help them manage their online reputation, create positive buzz and address the inevitable negative rant that will appear online about them or their business. So, imagine my surprise when I recently wrote two stellar reviews for places I love on Yelp only to find that my reviews had been filtered and were not displaying in either business’ listing? What gives?

The Truth According to Google

Have you Googled yourself or your organization lately? If you haven’t, you definitely should. Being aware of what’s out there is the first line of defense in the rapidly expanding world of online reputation management. First, the good news… You probably won’t find anything that is particularly problematic. But, the full list of just what […]