You Can Still Have A Free Yahoo Local Listing

This question comes up a lot, so I thought I’d do you all a solid and create a post to show you exactly how you can still set up a free listing on Yahoo Local, despite the fact that they make it seem like the only way to get listed on Yahoo Local is to […]

Why Yelp is Like “Mean Girls”

I’m not going to sugarcoat this – Yelp drives me insane. Not just me as a person, but me as a trusted advisor to businesses whose reputations are devastated via Yelp. We’ve all heard the accusations. If you advertise with Yelp your positive reviews will get filtered less. Oh, how I wish that were actually […]

Yahoo Local Is A Disaster & They Just Don’t Care

Well Google, looks like you’ve got the week off! Today I’m all fired up about the hot mess that is Yahoo Local Listings. Why am I so annoyed, you’re wondering? Well, let me tell you a story… As you may know if you’ve read my other posts, we work with clients in a variety of internet […]

Increasing Your Google IQ – AdWords Budget Limits & Local Search Phone Numbers

Thought I’d try something new, although me writing about Google is certainly not new! What is new is a quick post sharing some interesting information about how Google works that I hope will be helpful. If the response to this is positive, I will probably make this a regular type of post. Topic #1: Is […]

This Is Why People Hate Google – Part 2

So, I thought I had a grasp of the insanity that Google Maps has become… I was wrong. If you read my last post on this topic, you’ll remember that I learned that a map is no longer a map in Google’s eyes. I did a little more searching to try to come up with […]