Google Live Event BINGO Card

Back by popular demand – I have updated the Google Live Event BINGO card for the May 23, 2017 event. I am fairly certain this type of thing is why I will never have a Google AdWords rep… But hey, if you can’t have fun with this, what’s the point? Download the larger PDF version. […]

AdWords Green Ad Labels In Search Results

Busy week this week, but wanted to at least do a quick post! This probably seems like a pretty small change in the grand scheme of things, but this week Google started using green “Ad” designation labels in their search results rather than yellow. Ginny Marvin wrote a summary piece over on Search Engineland about […]

Google Announcement BINGO

These posts are always among my most popular! Just in time for Google’s GPS (Google Performance Summit) 2016 Livestream I have updated my Google Announcement BINGO card:   Download the PDF here.

2015’s Most Viewed Posts

It’s that time of year for round up posts! I always love looking back to see which posts were the most viewed over the past year. 2015 Most Viewed Posts Breaking Down AdWords’ Best Practices Guide Why Doesn’t AdWords Respect PPC Agencies? The Future of Paid Search Yahoo Local Is A Disaster & They Just […]

A Little Fun with AdWords Mobile Announcements 5/5/15

Back, by popular demand for an AdWords Livestreaming event is a BINGO card for AdWords Mobile Announcements live event on 5/5/15. Enjoy and please share! Download the full-sized PDF here.   Download the full-sized PDF here.