Beacons Don’t Work & Other Stupid Conclusions

I was reading an article recently entitled “Beacons Are Dead” which was, as you might expect from the title, declaring that the relatively new technology of retail beacons was already dead. The premise of the piece is that beacons would be great “if the did something customers really wanted”. He goes on to say that […]

Google Tag Manager – Friend or Foe?

Google Tag Manager, in theory, is a pretty awesome thing. It solves several issues that can be incredibly frustrating to teams working on web sites and/or marketing activities related to web sites – primarily being able to add tracking code to web pages without having to actually touch the pages. Wow. It is marketed as […]

Can We Finally Stop Calling Things “Hacks”?

I saw a tweet this morning (from Jeff Allen) that really struck a chord with me: YES! I found myself shouting to my screen. I am so very, very tired of presentations and articles offering “hacks” to be better at PPC (or anything for that matter). By definition, a hack, in the web era context […]

Are Tags Making Us Lazy Marketers?

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I have been railing a bit about excessive tagging on web sites. I wrote a post about tagging being out of control back in November – you can read that here. What I’ve been pondering this week as I am aggravated by the continued […]

Do You Really Know What Your Customer Experience Is Like?

I mean do you really, really know what your customer experience is like? Have you gone through the processes you expect customers to? Have you used your site in the way you expect customers to? Have you done so on multiple devices on multiple platforms? You most definitely should. Why, you ask? Well, the answer […]