AdWords’ New Device Bidding Best Practice Recommendations

I watched the live hangout earlier today, talking about the upcoming changes to Device Bidding and I was surprised at how short it was (about 15 minutes including taking online questions). Rather than generating a ton of tweets, I thought I’d just share some of my notes and thoughts in a post. It’s Official… Do […]

Is Mobile Different Or Not? AdWords Muddies The Waters With ETA

I tweeted a lot about this yesterday, but it seemed like a topic that needed a longer format to discuss. I was not privy to the Expanded Text Ads beta in AdWords, so I learned about what was (and was not) included in this new structure yesterday when the availability rolled out to all US […]

Google Tag Manager – Friend or Foe?

Google Tag Manager, in theory, is a pretty awesome thing. It solves several issues that can be incredibly frustrating to teams working on web sites and/or marketing activities related to web sites – primarily being able to add tracking code to web pages without having to actually touch the pages. Wow. It is marketed as […]

Keyword Data Just Got Murkier (And What To Do About It)

The march toward keyword less-relevance (I can’t really say irrelevance, so let’s go with this instead) took a big step this week with Google changing the way it reports estimated keyword traffic in its somewhat maligned Keyword Planner Tool. The SEM Post did a write up and so did Search Engine Watch, so if you want […]

AdWords Green Ad Labels In Search Results

Busy week this week, but wanted to at least do a quick post! This probably seems like a pretty small change in the grand scheme of things, but this week Google started using green “Ad” designation labels in their search results rather than yellow. Ginny Marvin wrote a summary piece over on Search Engineland about […]