The Root Of The Issues With Platforms Like Facebook And Google

I read a very long and really interesting piece this week, written by an early Facebook investor detailing what, in his view, is wrong with Facebook and what might be done to “fix it”. It hit on a lot of points that I have found myself thinking about in the past couple of years and […]

Google AdWords Grants – What Will Happen Next?

Using a technique not all that unfamiliar to PPC professionals who use AdWords, Google announced via email to Google Grants participants last week that there are some big changes coming to the Google Grants program, beginning on January 1, 2018. Yup, that’s right, at the end of the calendar year, when virtually every nonprofit on […]

Google Needs To Stop Acting Like It Has Info It Does Not

So, this week Google has announced that it will start showing estimated wait times at restaurants in search results. I did a search for a local restaurant I know to be popular and chose to view Saturday estimates and got this result: This place consistently has over an hour wait on weekends, even for small […]

Misleading Ads, Fake News & The Platforms That Profit From Them

Much has been in the news lately about the proliferation of “fake news” and its impact on society. Ad platforms and networks, of which Google and Facebook are the two behemoths, make the vast majority of their revenue from people placing ads and others clicking on those ads all around the web. I saw two […]

AdWords Might Spend Double Your Daily Budget Limit Now

NOTE: This post has been updated since its original publishing to include more detailed information from AdWords on this change. See end of post for update and link to further documentation. Yup. You read that headline right. Announced on the day it begins, Google will now potentially spend up to twice your daily budget limit […]