How To Regain Access To Your AdWords Account

With the announcement of Google Venture backed PPC Agency Trada abruptly closing its doors this week, it got me thinking that a post about what to do if your PPC agency suddenly disappears might be a good idea. After a few minutes of sheer panic, you are going to need to start working on a […]

Why Net Neutrality Matters To Businesses

There has been a lot written about net neutrality over the past year. And, as the FCC is close to making their final determination on this important topic, it has gotten a lot of attention over the past week. It’s a topic I think most internet savvy people are at least somewhat aware of, but […]

This Is Why People Hate Google

I need to rant, get it out, share my pain… We work with a number of businesses with a distinctly local focus or service area. We perform various kinds of internet marketing services for them, but one of the easiest things to do when working with a new client it to make sure their Google […]

The Importance of Focus

I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while, but just hadn’t had quite the right angle to write a post. This past weekend, courtesy of a teething toddler, it finally came to me! The concept of “focus” and how frayed it seems to be so often these days is something I’ve been pondering a […]

When Client Relationships Falter

This post is a bit delayed, but after reading (and contributing one teensy bit) to Erin Sagan’s post on Getting More Clients, it got me thinking about that old adage about how much easier it is to gain new work from existing clients than it is to develop a whole new relationship. You should definitely […]