Can We Finally Stop Calling Things “Hacks”?

I saw a tweet this morning (from Jeff Allen) that really struck a chord with me: YES! I found myself shouting to my screen. I am so very, very tired of presentations and articles offering “hacks” to be better at PPC (or anything for that matter). By definition, a hack, in the web era context […]

Don’t Let FOMO Ruin Your PPC Strategy

I’ve been reading the stories about Twitter increasing the character limit for tweets beyond their traditional 140 characters with interest. Mainly, my interest is as an active Twitter user – I really don’t want it to change into a place where people can go on and on in a single tweet. But, like many businesses, […]

So This Needs To Be Said About Peeple App

Well Google, looks like you get a week off – enjoy! This is not a typical post topic type for me, but I just felt like I had to write this post. Melissa Mackey did a great live and unfiltered Periscope on the Peeple app and I’ve been tweeting with people about this since the big announcement […]

It’s Not Me, It’s You – Why Are So Many Tablet Experiences So Awful?

I tweeted last week that I’m genuinely surprised at how poor of a tablet experience many sites still have. I’m not talking small sites either, which would be more understandable. No, I’m talking major web sites where the experience of viewing their site or God forbid trying to make a purchase on their site is anywhere […]

Google Search Results – What Is Their Obligation to the Public?

There were some documents leaked from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently that seem to indicate that Google admitted to favoring its own properties in results. Search Engine Land has the full write up, so I won’t rehash all of the details here. I am very critical of Google, a lot. They do things that drive […]