Don’t Screw Your Current Customers In Search of New Ones

The old adage that your best customers are your current customers is so true! In these days when we talk about cost of acquisition and cost per lead – your existing customers represent a whole giant set of $0 CPA and CPL people. Pure gold, right? So why, oh why, do so many companies routinely […]

What It Really Takes to “Try” PPC

Anyone who has been working in the paid search sector for a while has certainly come across a client (or internal decision maker) who expresses an interest in “trying” PPC. At first blush, that sounds great! PPC can be such an effective tactic for so many different type of organizations. Woo hoo – let’s get […]

Capturing Traffic vs. Generating Demand

I tweeted about this last week and it seemed to really resonate so I thought  I’d write a post about it. Important distinction for #ppc – you can drive traffic, but not generate demand. Clients often think these are the same thing. #ppcchat — Julie F Bacchini (@NeptuneMoon) July 11, 2014 Anyone who has worked in […]

Breaking Down The “Too Good to Be True” Offer – PPC Edition

Has this happened to you – you get a call from a client saying that they are (or are considering if you’re lucky) switching to another company for their internet marketing needs because they just received the most amazing, you’d-be-crazy-to-pass-it-up kind of offer? Perhaps you are a business who has received a solicitation with one of […]

When Client Relationships Falter

This post is a bit delayed, but after reading (and contributing one teensy bit) to Erin Sagan’s post on Getting More Clients, it got me thinking about that old adage about how much easier it is to gain new work from existing clients than it is to develop a whole new relationship. You should definitely […]