This Is Why It Is SO Hard To Compete With Amazon

I really feel for online retailers that are not behemoths. I know margins are generally quite small and competition is fierce. And Amazon has an unbelievable advantage in the space. I am keenly aware of all of this, and when I can I do like to support smaller entities, but when the difference in dollars […]

Should The Brexit Impact Your PPC Strategies?

Let me start by saying that I am not a financial expert (I am married to one though!). So we have been following the whole Brexit – will they or won’t they drama pretty closely. And, since I am often up in the middle of the night, I learned the outcome of the vote probably […]

Retargeting Doesn’t Work?!?

I read a great post last week from Think SEM entitled “Are You Remarketing Or Merely Stalking” and it got me thinking. Remarketing or retargeting, whichever term you or your clients use, might just be getting an unfair bad rap due to these kinds of practices. Business is cyclical, as anyone who has been in any […]

Don’t Ignore Your Web Site

Imagine the panic that ensues when you or your client gets an alert from the web hosting company that their site has been hacked… trust me, it is not pretty. Unfortunately, this kind of issue is on the rise and the chances of becoming a victim could be greater than you might think. And even […]

Can PPC Work For Any Business? A Thought Process Guide

I too have really been loving the thoughtful conversation and debate over whether or not PPC can work for any business. Matt Umbro‘s piece kicked this whole thing off, we had a PPC chat about it and Mark Kennedy and Melissa Mackey both wrote posts on the topic too (here is Mark’s and here is […]