Google Analytics – Free For Now…

I can’t help but wonder if we are moving toward a freemium model for Google Analytics in the near future. What makes me wonder about this? Well, it started when Google stopped providing keyword query data in the Analytics product for users that were logged in at the time of their searches back in 2011.

Misleading Email Marketing Engagement Stats – Are You Guilty?

I’ve been noticing a trend lately in email marketing. More and more messages seem to be comprised of one or more large images and no actual text. Using this technique, there is no way to preview what is in the email – the only way to see the information is to open it. I find […]

Who's been visiting your web site?

Do you know how your site visitors find your web site? Do you know what they do when they get there? Adding web traffic analytics reporting to your strategy is a great way to answer these questions and make your web site work harder and smarter!