Reaching The Ideal B2B Prospect: My Presentation From HeroConf LA

I had the great pleasure of presenting on B2B PPC at this year’s Hero Conference in LA with AJ Wilcox, a.k.a. “Mr. LinkedIn Advertising”. AJ covered a lot of cool stuff about advertising on LinkedIn, while I focused on how to really think about B2B PPC (and marketing in general really) in the right mindset and then shared some cool ways to put your ads in places that your B2B prospects will more likely see them.

We are starving for this kind of information and attention in the B2B world! I had a lot of positive feedback on the session. I’m happy to engage on any of the stuff you find in the presentation, so post a comment here or hit me up on Twitter (@NeptuneMoon) to start a conversation!

Resources Referenced In The Presentation

Advertising On Quora

This is not quite in the publicly available interface stage yet, but should be soon. In the meantime, to get in on their advertising, simply send an email to – don’t be afraid to tell them I sent you!

Advertising on Reddit

Here is the link to start an account to advertise on Reddit.

Local Citation Finder Tools

Bright Local

Figure Out Which Ads Are Running On A Site Tool

Ghostery Browser Tool & Apps



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