Archives for April 2016

Don’t Ignore Your Web Site

Imagine the panic that ensues when you or your client gets an alert from the web hosting company that their site has been hacked… trust me, it is not pretty. Unfortunately, this kind of issue is on the rise and the chances of becoming a victim could be greater than you might think. And even […]

Can We Finally Stop Calling Things “Hacks”?

I saw a tweet this morning (from Jeff Allen) that really struck a chord with me: YES! I found myself shouting to my screen. I am so very, very tired of presentations and articles offering “hacks” to be better at PPC (or anything for that matter). By definition, a hack, in the web era context […]

Can PPC Work For Any Business? A Thought Process Guide

I too have really been loving the thoughtful conversation and debate over whether or not PPC can work for any business. Matt Umbro‘s piece kicked this whole thing off, we had a PPC chat about it and Mark Kennedy and Melissa Mackey both wrote posts on the topic too (here is Mark’s and here is […]