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Context Matters More Than Anything

Ok, I seem to have kicked up a bit of a storm again with my post “The Importance of Critical Thinking When Reading Industry Posts“. That post arose from my frustration at seeing data presented from numerous sources as being representative or even universal in its applicability to paid search accounts. In my post, I […]

The Importance Of Critical Thinking When Reading Industry Posts

With the most recent AdWords shakeup, the removal of right column ads, there have been the expected reaction articles and posts written. Some were quick takes that were on the fly reactions and some have been written to declare the impact of these changes. Reading these pieces, and other pieces that are presented as if […]

Are Tags Making Us Lazy Marketers?

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I have been railing a bit about excessive tagging on web sites. I wrote a post about tagging being out of control back in November – you can read that here. What I’ve been pondering this week as I am aggravated by the continued […]