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The Evolution Of AdWords – Is It The New TV Advertising?

AdWords made big waves last week as they quietly rolled out new a new search results format that has 4 ads at the top of the page and 0 in the right sidebar. Reactions have been all over the place, as you might expect, but the change is here to stay. And, I expect it will become […]

Quick Thoughts On AdWords Removing Side Ads

This is too long for a series of tweets, so I’m doing a quick post. Lots of chatter about Google displaying only ads at the top and bottom of pages with none in the traditional right sidebar position today. Example of what I see (logged in to Google for this search): There has been no […]

Getting Lead Generation Right

I do a lot of work with “lead gen” (lead generation for the uninitiated) clients. Lead generation is really its own discipline. In this space, a conversion is not a sales transaction and therefore is more the end of one process and the beginning of a potentially lengthy next process before a prospect becomes a […]

Don’t Let FOMO Ruin Your PPC Strategy

I’ve been reading the stories about Twitter increasing the character limit for tweets beyond their traditional 140 characters with interest. Mainly, my interest is as an active Twitter user – I really don’t want it to change into a place where people can go on and on in a single tweet. But, like many businesses, […]