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2015’s Most Viewed Posts

It’s that time of year for round up posts! I always love looking back to see which posts were the most viewed over the past year. 2015 Most Viewed Posts Breaking Down AdWords’ Best Practices Guide Why Doesn’t AdWords Respect PPC Agencies? The Future of Paid Search Yahoo Local Is A Disaster & They Just […]

Larry Kim Is Wrong About Smart Goals

This post is a follow up to my original post regarding AdWords’ announcement of Smart Goals to stand in for actual conversion data last week. Larry Kim of Wordstream seemed to take unusual offense at my stance, choosing to highlight comments made on my original post by Melissa Mackey and myself in a pretty insulting […]

AdWords Smart Goals – Let’s Use Made Up Conversions

Well, I was wondering what I’d write about this week and let me start by saying a big old thank you to Google for inspiration. AdWords rolled out a new feature (I guess you’d call it a feature?) where you can now create what they are calling Smart Goals in Google Analytics to substitute for […]