Archives for October 2015

Branded PPC – Remember Why They’re Searching For You

Yesterday there was a Twitter exchange talking about these ads for the branded search term “Angie’s List”: The context of the conversation was highlighting HomeAdvisor’s clever ad for a search on a direct competitor’s branded term. I completely agree that their ad is clever and a smart use of advertising dollars. It’s not a bad […]

Do People Really Not Want Ads Or Just Not Ads That Suck?

It’s hard to not feel like Chicken Little is running around squawking about ad blockers and the end of online advertising as we know it lately. If you’re keeping up with your industry reading or even just your Twitter feed, you’ve no doubt seen countless tweets, posts and articles about the rise of ad blockers […]

So This Needs To Be Said About Peeple App

Well Google, looks like you get a week off – enjoy! This is not a typical post topic type for me, but I just felt like I had to write this post. Melissa Mackey did a great live and unfiltered Periscope on the Peeple app and I’ve been tweeting with people about this since the big announcement […]