Archives for July 2015

Oh AdWords, You Need My Help

AdWords announced today (via Google+ so they’d be sure many people saw it!) some changes to the way Quality Score will be reported going forward. Ok, no problem. It’s your platform, you should make whatever changes or updates you think make it better, both internally and for your customers. I have no beef with that. […]

The Importance Of Designing For The End Result

Landing pages have always fascinated me. Coming originally from the world of design, their visual aesthetic, form and function have always been difficult competing priorities to balance. Fundamentally, everyone wants a site and pages that look great. But, as I have said a thousand times – a gorgeous site that does not do its job […]

Don’t Screw Your Current Customers In Search of New Ones

The old adage that your best customers are your current customers is so true! In these days when we talk about cost of acquisition and cost per lead – your existing customers represent a whole giant set of $0 CPA and CPL people. Pure gold, right? So why, oh why, do so many companies routinely […]