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Is Your Reputation Killing Your PPC ROI?

We’re all influenced by online reviews. Recent studies have even shown that many people give as much weight to online reviews as they do to personal recommendations from friends and family! There is even an entire discipline built around online reputation management. What I wanted to talk about today is the highly critical intersection of […]

AdWords In The Real World – Dangerous Misperceptions

I’ve had a few things happen this week that have me thinking a lot about this topic – just how bad are some of the misconceptions businesses have about AdWords? And what, if anything, as search professionals can we do about them? It started with this week’s PPC Chat where this topic was addressed a […]

A Little Fun with AdWords Mobile Announcements 5/5/15

Back, by popular demand for an AdWords Livestreaming event is a BINGO card for AdWords Mobile Announcements live event on 5/5/15. Enjoy and please share! Download the full-sized PDF here.   Download the full-sized PDF here.

Do You Own Your AdWords Account? Are You Sure?

This, to me, is an interesting question. When you have someone create AdWords accounts or the structure within the account, does the end client “own” that account? We’ve seen with the recent evaporation of Trada that it certainly is not always quite that simple. I was in a Twitter exchange yesterday with a few folks […]