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How To Regain Access To Your AdWords Account

With the announcement of Google Venture backed PPC Agency Trada abruptly closing its doors this week, it got me thinking that a post about what to do if your PPC agency suddenly disappears might be a good idea. After a few minutes of sheer panic, you are going to need to start working on a […]

What Should PPC Cost (To Do Right)?

My previous post “What It Really Takes to Try PPC” was very well received, so I thought I’d delve a bit deeper into the stickiest and most often misunderstood aspect of new PPC efforts – the costs involved. Now, understand this, each and every project has its own parameters and each professional or agency has […]

Google Results Bias – Nature or Nurture?

Ever since Firefox started serving Yahoo results as the default, I have been running a little experiment with myself. Despite an almost immediate urge to switch the default back to Google, I resisted and have been performing searches in both to try to really compare the experiences. Now, I know, one person is a small […]