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If I Were On An AdWords Advisory Board Right Now

I thought I’d write a follow up piece to my comments about the Close Variants issue. There have been a lot of great write ups on this topic – both from the technical/tactical side and from the philosophical side. I thought what I’d do here is write publicly what I’d share with AdWords if they […]

Google Does Not Care What You Think

Yesterday’s announcement by Google AdWords that as of the end of September, all keywords will include close variants set the PPC professional community off on Twitter yesterday. I agree wholeheartedly with the general sentiment that this move sucks for advertisers, especially professional advertisers. But here’s the thing – Google does not care what we think. […]

Expecting the Unexpected – Life in Today’s PPC World

Yesterday the Twitterverse went nuts over Google’s latest SEO pronouncement – sites that utilize https will have a rankings edge. Algorithm changes and small clues from top Googlers can do that and in the SEO space, it certainly happens a lot. But what about in PPC? We seem to often be viewed as SEO’s much […]

Click to Call Data Request

Thank you to those who are trying to provide me with some data for my article. Thought it might make sense to do a quick post describing what I’m looking for… I have noticed a discrepancy between the number of Click to Calls (CTCs) indicated in AdWords for my clients versus that number of calls […]

Hey Google, You Don’t Know Better Than Me

I’m back with another post about our friends at Google and AdWords… This week’s post will tackle their announcement of Dynamic Site Links. No hint that this was coming, at least not that I had read and I follow this stuff pretty closely. Ginny Marvin has a great write up over at SearchEngineLand outlining the […]