Click to Call Data Request

Thank you to those who are trying to provide me with some data for my article. Thought it might make sense to do a quick post describing what I’m looking for…

I have noticed a discrepancy between the number of Click to Calls (CTCs) indicated in AdWords for my clients versus that number of calls that they actually receive on the mobile specific telephone numbers. I should note, we do not use Google forwarding numbers or any other third party call tracking system at this time, so I’m seeking community input for very generalized data on this point.

During a Twitter exchange on this topic, I believe it was the always brilliant Aaron Levy who brought up that Google counts a click on the phone number as their metric and stop there. BUT, in reality, for a client to actually receive a call as a result of that click, they must complete a second step and click Call (as seen on my iPhone):


Google’s figures will show this as a Click to Call (and charge for the click). But, if I don’t then take the 2nd step and click Call from this screen, the end client never gets a call, but pays for the click. I am trying to figure out an average type figure for how many of the CTCs shown in AdWords for mobile visitors result in the person taking this second step and clicking Call in this dialogue box.

We are trying to guess on this by tracking the total number of calls that come in to our systems for the mobile only numbers and compare that to the total number of CTCs shown in AdWords for the same period. I was told that if you’re using either Google’s call forwarding or a third party solution that you might have these actual figures. If so, I’d sure appreciate some numbers:

  1. General industry type
  2. One year time period would be great to lower seasonality issues
  3. Total number of Clicks To Call shown in AdWords
  4. Total number of those calls that show as actually being dialed in your other metrics

I really appreciate any data you can share with me. I have some interesting thoughts on the topic and am writing a post, but could use more data to see if my ideas are correct outside of my really small sample!

I’ll be monitoring the comments, so if you have questions or want to share data, let me know. I am on Twitter pretty often as well, so you can tweet me or DM me there as well (@NeptuneMoon).


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