Dear AdWords – Where Are All The Awesome New Features You Promised?

Here we go again, with another post about Google and where they are getting things so very wrong…

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

This post was inspired by a Twitter exchange yesterday where people were wondering just where in the heck are all of the fancy new features that Google hyped for 2 months and then announced back on April 22nd. It has been nearly 2 months since the announcement and nary a new feature is available – what gives?

If you recall, AdWords teased the PPC community for 2 months about their set of “big” and “exciting” announcements scheduled for April 22nd. That date became kind of a code in the PPC pro community with speculation, discussion and jokes about what bombshells might be dropped on us during the big announcement livestream. Who could blame us? After the seismic shift that was Enhanced Campaigns the year before, we’d been conditioned to expect major changes when AdWords hyped an announcement. The general consensus post-announcement was that while there were a few potentially cool features that were discussed, it was really not all that impressive or worth the hype that had proceeded the announcements.

We were genuinely excited about some of the features though. Anxious, as most data nerds would be, to start playing around with the new capabilities ourselves. But it has been nearly 2 months and the features are still not available and there has been no information shared about their planned rollout timeline.

So what was the point, exactly, of the hyped up announcement “event” then? To get people excited about new capabilities within AdWords? If so, I’d like to inform you, AdWords, that you have really dropped the ball on this one. First rule of PR – you’d better get the timing right. Involved in a colossal screw up? Don’t wait a week to apologize. By that same token, if you hype the hell out of something, be sure it is ready to rollout. Remember the fiasco that was, anyone?

I really do want to believe that you’re better than this AdWords. It is certainly not a lack of resources, as you just overtook Apple last month to become the highest valued publicly traded company in the world. I know you have incredibly smart people working for you too, but I think you don’t quite have the right mix of people working for you currently. You seem to be missing some pretty critical skill sets among your team. Mainly, you’re weak in the areas that require understanding of human behavior. I’ve written about this before when it comes to Google as a whole, so it is not surprising that AdWords suffers from the same shortcomings.

You created, and then wasted, an opportunity to achieve and maintain momentum. Our lives are busy as PPC pros. Keeping up with the latest developments and nuances across platforms and the web in general is quite time consuming. If business owners, and not PPC Pros, were your primary target then take what I said about PPC pros and multiply it by about 1,000 – because business owners are ridiculously busy running their businesses AND they don’t have time to monitor all of the latest developments to see when the stuff you promised them is actually available.

I really don’t get it. It surprises me still, even after 15 years when clients do boneheaded things like want to build a complex web site in 4 weeks because they have a big event and “need it live by then”. I cut them some slack, because they generally don’t understand what it takes to complete a project. But you do. Surely you knew how far from deployment you were when you started hyping your big announcements, right?

Next time, please time your announcements better. If you want me to be excited about your new features, and invest more deeply in your platform, don’t hype me up and leave me hanging! Show me all the cool stuff you’ve built for me and then let me get my hands on it.

Just my two cents AdWords, but I hardly think I’m the only one who thinks or feels this way. Perhaps you don’t care because I’m still working in your platform, recommending it to clients and guiding their ad dollars to you. But you should care because today’s market leader can become yesterday’s news in the blink of an eye. Show us how smart you really are and invest in some team members with the soft skills who can help you do better in designing for and dealing with people.

So ends my rant.



  1. Michelle Morehouse says:

    Totally agree with you on this one. It’s not necessarily that we don’t have our fun tools yet. We’re all adults. We can be patient. It’s that we were hyped up with some “big” event months prior and haven’t seen or heard anything about them since.

    I’m all for hyping when you make something awesome. And let’s be honest, pivot tables IN AdWords will be freaking awesome. But if you get me excited then don’t at least mention it for another week or two, let alone two months, you’ve really overestimated how long I’ll hold on to my excitement. At this point, if they rolled out the changes tomorrow, I’d need to read a round up post of what all was being changed again. Opportunity lost.

    • Neptune Moon says:

      You are so right about how we barely even remember what the features were that they announced. I surely don’t remember all of them without going back to a post announcement post!

      I think sometimes that Google forgets that the world does not actually revolve around Google. They get caught up in their own stuff to a point where they have no ability to think about things from a non-Googler perspective.

      I honestly don’t think it even occurred to them that a long lag between announcement and deployment would have any negative impact. And, if there has been some type of technical issue that has delayed the release of these features, write a post about that. Keep the stakeholders in the loop – again, this is Business 101 stuff!

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