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Breaking Down The “Too Good to Be True” Offer – PPC Edition

Has this happened to you – you get a call from a client saying that they are (or are considering if you’re lucky) switching to another company for their internet marketing needs because they just received the most amazing, you’d-be-crazy-to-pass-it-up kind of offer? Perhaps you are a business who has received a solicitation with one of […]

This Is Why People Hate Google – Part 2

So, I thought I had a grasp of the insanity that Google Maps has become… I was wrong. If you read my last post on this topic, you’ll remember that I learned that a map is no longer a map in Google’s eyes. I did a little more searching to try to come up with […]

This Is Why People Hate Google

I need to rant, get it out, share my pain… We work with a number of businesses with a distinctly local focus or service area. We perform various kinds of internet marketing services for them, but one of the easiest things to do when working with a new client it to make sure their Google […]

PPC Hero Conf Takeaways – Everything Old is New Again

I know there have been a lot of posts about the big takeaways from last week’s PPC Hero Conf. Let me start by saying it was really a great event. I am only now truly recovering from the whirlwind of it all and finding a few moments to jot down my thoughts about the experience. […]