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Google’s Announcements – A Different Perspective

Like most of you, I was seriously anticipating Google’s big announcements yesterday – mostly because they had hyped it as being something so major. Watching the live stream while engaging in real time reaction and comments with my #PPCchat brothers and sisters was wild, crazy and a whole lot of fun! Others have summarized and […]

Google’s Perception Problem

It has been so fascinating watching the AdWords announcement story develop in real time. I have really enjoyed reading so many smart people’s thoughts on the subject and their best guesses as to what is coming not only on 4/22, but beyond. I have my ideas about what I think it likely to happen on […]

A Little Fun with Google’s Impending Announcements on 4/22/14

Much has been speculated and written and lamented about just what Google is going to announce on April 22nd. The blog posts on the official AdWords Blog have been cryptic. Hinting at big changes, without giving away the specifics. Since I know everyone in the PPC world will be watching live to see the big […]

AdWords & (Not Provided) – Why It Matters, Part Two

So it definitely seems like there is a split between those who say AdWords shifting to (not provided) for search query terms is no big deal and those of us who think it is actually quite a big deal. I love a good debate and welcome the opportunity to have my mind opened, influenced and […]

AdWords & (Not Provided) – The Day We’ve Dreaded is Here

Buckle up PPC pros – it is about to get seriously bumpy. Want to know how this latest gift from Google will affect your practice? Just ask an SEO pro. Why do I say to ask an SEO pro? Because they’ve been dealing with being in Google’s crosshairs for years. Many SEO practitioners will tell […]