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It’s Google’s World, We’re Just Livin’ in It

Anyone who works in a web-related field knows this is truth – any given day can be completely ruined by an announcement from Google about an update or policy change. After reading Melissa Mackey’s post this morning “Google Has Become Yahoo” (great read!) I got to thinking about just how massive of a force Google […]

Why Are Local Listings So Poorly Supported?

We work with a lot of clients on their SEO and SEM projects.  While each one is different, and some have more of a local focus than others, they are all concerned about making sure their online presence is as clean and consistent as possible. For the entities that they control, this process generally involves […]

Launching an “Improved” Service? Make Sure It Doesn’t Suck

Sometimes I have to just shake my head at the moves organizations make. I’ve been part of big time decision-making processes, so I do know that no one sets out to make terrible decisions. And, no one sets out to take a perfectly useful tool and make it awful. And yet, these kind of things […]

Is SEO Dead? No, But It Might Be MIA

Search is getting more personalized every day. From seeing different results when logged in to Google vs. not logged in, to Google making assumptions about your intention from your physical location, to your social connections and browsing history – what you see when you enter a query into a search engine has never been more […]

SERPs Based on Facebook Likes & Such – No Thanks!

Shareability is a big term being thrown around lately as one of the more important factors or signals for search engine visibility. Not only do you need to be creating great content all the time, you must also make sure that your content is uniquely shareable in order to gain or maintain positive search engine […]