Fake BBB Complaint Emails

Managing your online reputation can be challenging enough, but in the past week or so, emails alerting you to fake Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaints have begun circulating. If you receive one of these emails do not open it or respond to it. It is not the BBB’s practice to send complaint notices via email:

Better Business Bureau is issuing an urgent SCAM alert cautioning businesses and consumers about an email that is purporting to be from a bbb.org email address about a recently filed complaint. The email contains a dangerous attachment regarding a complaint and appears to direct recipients to the BBB website. This is a scam – BBB does not send complaints as attachments via email.

The email has a subject line of “BBB Complaint Activity Report” and looks like this:

BBB Scam Email Screenshot

BBB Scam Email Screenshot

It is important to monitor your online reputation and the real BBB still carries weight with consumers. To monitor your status with your local BBB, schedule regular visits to their site to view your listing and have a response plan ready should you find any negative reports.

When in doubt, if you receive an email that seems suspicious – I got two of these same emails this morning – do a quick Google search on the topic. I searched for “bbb email scam” and had a page full of results outlining this scam.

You can read the full BBB Scam Alert here.

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