Archives for September 2011

Stop Trying To Turn Your Web Site Into Twitter

The web does not need to be homogeneous. Usability is important and making sure your site is meeting visitor expectations is critical, but I think we are losing our ability to create sites that are appropriate for OUR audiences. Case in point – the redesign of the Slate web site. Haven’t seen it yet? Here’s a look at the new home page layout…

My Review Was TOO Positive?!?

So, obviously I know the importance of positive reviews on the web – especially for businesses that are consumer driven. I work with a number of clients to help them manage their online reputation, create positive buzz and address the inevitable negative rant that will appear online about them or their business. So, imagine my surprise when I recently wrote two stellar reviews for places I love on Yelp only to find that my reviews had been filtered and were not displaying in either business’ listing? What gives?

Web Site Hostage Situations

I haven’t addressed this topic in a while, but it is critically important. Who controls your web site – you or someone else? Are you even sure? I’m reminded now, as I am working with several clients to reclaim control of their domains and web sites, just how important this issue is… You must be […]