Getting Seen by Your Fans on Facebook is Tough!

What does it take to really engage with “fans” on Facebook? This has been an open question since Facebook became a part of many of our daily lives. Just how much time do you need to spend in it? How often do you need to post updates? What should be in those updates? What do fans really want from businesses or organizations (hint: discounts!).

ComScore is out with another one of their always enlightening reports this week and this one focuses on Facebook and how individuals spend their time while logged in. Not surprisingly, people spend the biggest chunk of their time on Facebook reading their Newsfeed. Of particular interest are their figures about just how often a Page (or business) needs to post updates to potentially reach even a small portion of their fans. Would you believe that less than 20% of your Fans will see your content in their Newsfeeds – even if you are posting 5 out of 7 days a week?

From the ComScore Report (available for download after you fill out a brief form):

Despite the dominance of consumption in the Newsfeed relative to the brand page, a minority of Fans see content from a brand in a given week. A Facebook analysis indicates that, on average, 16 percent of Fans are reached by branded content by a brand that posts five out of seven days.

That is both fascinating and a little depressing! It is not hard to understand why this is though – Facebook uses a complicated (and closely guarded) algorithm that determines what is actually displayed in any given user’s Newsfeed. Ever wonder why you see updates from some friends more often than others? It has to do with how often they post, of course, but there are other factors that impact what makes it into your feed. The greater the number of Friends or Pages a user has in their network, the more crowded their Newsfeed space becomes.

So what is an organization or business to do if you want to engage on Facebook? Now, more than ever, it takes time and a well planned strategy. Not surprisingly, ComScore suggests that the Friends of your Fans are a great group to target. Engaging your Fans is important, but finding ways to have them share your posts with their Friends is even better. Get creative, but remember to be genuine. And, as always, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Make sure that Facebook is the right social media platform to reach your target audience. If it is, then go for it, but be prepared. Successfully managing a Facebook page and strategy takes a lot of time, creativity and effort.


  1. Found you via a Google Alert I had created on this exact subject in preparation for writing a similar post of my own. One of the things we need have people do is more one-on-one outreach to their fans. People become a fan, and then what? These are leads! I usually send a personalized welcome msg to each new fan inviting them to come back and post an intro of themselves on our wall. More here:

    We’ll be having a Twitter chat this afternoon on this exact subject and would love to have you join us. #WordCarnival

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