Archives for March 2011

Google +1 – Why?!?

Why can’t Google just stick to search? I would rather see Google invest their massive funds and brainpower making search better and better rather than trying to integrate social media into its results. With the announcement this week of its new +1 feature, Google is once again wading into the search and social waters. What […]

A New Reputation Management Nightmare

Just when you thought you had a handle on your online reputation, along comes the site Haven’t heard of it yet? I suspect in the very near future, you will. What is this new site, you ask? Well, it allows people to post anything they want about you, based on your Facebook profile link […]

The Truth According to Google

Have you Googled yourself or your organization lately? If you haven’t, you definitely should. Being aware of what’s out there is the first line of defense in the rapidly expanding world of online reputation management. First, the good news… You probably won’t find anything that is particularly problematic. But, the full list of just what […]