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Your Privacy & Mobile Apps…

Great coverage, as usual, in the Wall Street Journal about your smartphone apps sending information “back to the mothership” without users’ knowledge or consent. It turns out that many apps on the popular iPhone and Andriod systems have been sending all kinds of information back to the apps’ creators and/or third party marketing companies – […]

Twitter Usage in the Real World

The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project released a study about Twitter usage last week and it is full of some very interesting stuff! The headline for the study on Pew’s web site is “8% of Online Americans Use Twitter”. Twitter promotes itself as having millions of users worldwide, but there has not been a lot of data available about who is using Twitter and how they are using it. It is a tool that many businesses and organizations are struggling to figure out how to use in a way that produces tangible results.

Google Places – How the Results Have Changed

If you pay close attention to Google – and most people probably don’t like I do – you may have noticed some changes in the way Google displays search results. What, if anything does this mean? It means different things to different users. The implications for businesses are potentially significant…

Facebook's New Groups Feature – What You Need to Know

Facebook’s new Groups feature – will it make your social media experience better or is it just one more thing to get in the way? The jury’s still out… as with most new features or enhancements, time will tell if it has any major impact or changes the way people use Facebook.

Another Day, Another Facebook Privacy Concern…

Not to pile it on Facebook – I know it has been a topic of a lot of my posts, but when news of privacy issues breaks, it just isn’t something I can ignore. Especially knowing how many people use Facebook and how few actually understand how it really works. I’m not opposed to Facebook, […]