Twitter for Business – Getting Real

After a little holiday hiatus, I’m getting back to more regular postings. I came across an interesting slideshow and article on Slate’s The Big Money this morning where they outline their Top 12 Corporate Twitter Users. Worth a look – you can find it here.

The questions I get most often about Twitter, and all social media for that matter, are:

  1. Do we need to be using it?
  2. If so, how on earth do we go about it?
  3. How can we possibly track its impact?

The answers certainly vary by organization. In general though, I recommend asking yourself and your organization a few basic questions to help determine what might be appropriate for you:

  1. What is the makeup of our target demographic?
  2. What social media channels do they regularly use?
  3. What will be the cost of starting and maintaining a social media campaign for us?
  4. What kind of resources – dollars, people and time – do we really have to commit to a campaign?

Social media can be an amazing tool to interact with current and potential customers, but it takes planning and commitment to do it well. Doing it halfway or starting a campaign and abandoning it after a few weeks or a few months is really worse than not having a presence at all.

Bottom line – treat social media campaign like any other marketing decision evaluate the pros, cons and costs and make the best decision for your organization.

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