SEO Consultants – The Good, The Bad & The Really Awful

SEO is intimidating. SEO is confusing. SEO is prohibitively expensive. These are all comments I’ve heard from clients, potential clients and people I meet at events and presentations. My answer is always the same – it doesn’t have to be.

Somehow, Search Engine Optimization has gotten a reputation of being part science, part black magic and part crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. Part of the reason for this is probably because there are a lot of people and firms out there who call themselves SEO Experts who, let’s face it, are not. In fact, they know how to perform a few tricks and apply the same tactics to every site they work on. An expert in SEO, this does not make.

So what does qualify as true expertise and how can a non-expert determine if an SEO provider is full of it?

  1. Experience counts. I’m not saying that every SEO professional didn’t have to start somewhere, we all did, but you want to work with a provider who has experience with optimization – not just in theory.
  2. Results speak. My clients appreciate my expertise, but let’s face it, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Can your SEO consultant provide you with real examples of results they have achieved for other clients?
  3. Feelings matter. Do you feel comfortable with this person? Do they not only seem to know what they’re doing, but can they explain it to you in plain English? Comfort with your provider is critical.

Choosing an SEO consultant doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, if you find the right provider, it should be one of the easiest business decisions you’ll make.


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