Crafting Emails People Will Actually Read

I get a lot of emails on a daily basis. Most are useful and welcome, some are not. We all deal with spam to one degree or another. We all define spam differently too. So, how can you create email messages that don’t sound or feel like spam that people will not only read, but anticipate and look forward to their arrival?

The answer, is simpler than you might think. Get outside of yourself. That’s right – get outside of yourself and start thinking about the messages from your recipients’ point of view. What are they interested in? What do they want? How can you make their lives easier? Too many emails are all about we, we, we and not about them.

Have you ever sent an email that was all about your services, your news and your agenda? Have you received these kinds of emails yourself? What do you do with them? I don’t know about you, but when I get emails like that, I generally don’t open or read them and I certainly won’t be passing them on to anyone.

What to do instead? I know it is tempting to just make your emails all about you and all of the wonderful things you can do for the reader (potential customer). But, how about this – make your communications less about you directly and more about your industry and/or your target audience’s industry instead? Provide truly useful and timely information, without a blatant sales pitch. Position your emails as something that will help them be better at what they do and I guarantee, your open rates will increase and your forward rates will too.

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