Building Email Lists – The Right Way

So email marketing is really in demand right now. Probably because the price is right – practically free to create and send messages. But sending messages only works if you’ve got people to send them to, right?

How should you go about building your email list? There is a lot of conflicting advice on this topic out there. Some say add absolutely everyone you’ve ever met to your email list. Some say only add those who have specifically opted in to receive communication from you on specific topics. How do you determine what’s right for you and your organization?

Like many topics, I return to one of my favorite old mantras  – “think about your own behavior” when you’re creating your email list building strategy. How do you feel when you are added to email lists without your permission? I don’t know about you, but I generally resent it. Aside from filling up my already busy inbox, it takes time to deal with these messages (even if I just delete them).

Thinking about it from the potential recipient’s point of view is critical to creating a truly successful email campaign. You want people on your list who WANT TO BE THERE. And, more importantly, who will not only open your messages, but will forward them to others like them. By just adding anyone you meet to your email list, you are not allowing them to choose to receive your emails – and I believe that is a tactical mistake.

Building a great email list, like everything else in marketing, takes strategy, commitment and time. Taking a shortcut might have you sending your messages to several hundred or thousand people right away, but the results will likely not be what you’d hoped for. Create great content and get the word out about it and you’re email list will grow. Slow and steady almost always wins the marketing race!


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