Old School Thinking + New Web Technologies = Internet Success Stories

There seems to be a prevailing myth out there that none of the “old rules” apply to the web. It’s all about new thinking, the new economy and new media.

Unfortunately, that statement is only half true. It is about new thinking and about a new economy and new media. But, it is also about applying sound business and marketing strategies to these new challenges and choosing appropriate technologies.

It is still, and will always be, about putting the right message in front of the right person at the right time. Some old math will never change. Making smart business decisions and marketing choices hasn’t changed – only the avenues and tools available to craft our messages, find the people and deliver it to them have.

The key to building successful marketing for your organization involves applying the old school work ethic and methodology – research, plan, test and target – to the appropriate technologies and media to reach your desired audience(s).

There is no short cut. There is no magic bullet. There is only smart strategy and creative execution.

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