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Old School Thinking + New Web Technologies = Internet Success Stories

There seems to be a prevailing myth out there that none of the “old rules” apply to the web. It’s all about new thinking, the new economy and new media. Unfortunately, that statement is only half true…

Why "Cheap" Can Cost You, Big Time

Everyone, it seems, it looking to do more with less – on the web and in business in general. And while we can certainly relate to that sentiment, taken too far, it can have the exact opposite effect.

We've Taken the Plunge!

It seemed like the right time for us to start blogging. I’ve been writing articles about SEO, Web 2.0 & Social Media, Internet Marketing, Web Site Promotion and Web Design for the past 8 months. And while articles are a fantastic way to focus on a specific topic, I just felt that there were things […]