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Real Budgets for 2010 Web Projects

How do you go about setting realistic budgets for web work in 2010? Creating a budget that will actually allow you to get top quality web design, seo campaign or internet marketing plan takes a little time and effort, but the results are definitely worth it!

Twitter for Business – Getting Real

Everyone is still atwitter about Twitter. How can you decide if it is appropriate for your organization? Who is using it well and what are they doing? The Big Money’s “Twitter 12” article this morning got us thinking about it…

If You Must… Creating a Quality RFP

While on the whole, I do not recommend using RFPs to find web site vendors, here are a few tips on how to create an RFP that consultants will be glad to respond to…

Busting RFP Myths

RFPs are making a comeback. Like bad 80s fashion, they’re everywhere. It’s an understandable phenomenon – times are tough and budgets are tight. Using an RFP and getting multiple quotes must be the best way to get the best deal, right?!?

SEO Consultants – The Good, The Bad & The Really Awful

SEO is intimidating. SEO is confusing. SEO is prohibitively expensive. These are all comments I’ve heard from clients, potential clients and people I meet at events and presentations. My answer is always the same – it doesn’t have to be.